Johnson to Hold Hearing on Spurring Job Growth through Capital Formation

WASHINGTON – Monday, November 14, 2011 – Today, Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) announced he will hold a full committee hearing on capital formation proposals to create jobs. The committee will review a number of outstanding proposals and explore additional avenues to help small businesses.

“There are a number of bipartisan proposals introduced to ensure small businesses have adequate access to capital.  On December 1st, I will hold a hearing in the Banking Committee where we will take a closer look at potential solutions to ensure businesses have the ability to grow and create jobs while at the same time ensuring that investors have appropriate levels of protection.”

“I want to commend Senators Tester and Pryor for their hard work and attention to this important issue. In addition, members of the Banking Committee have a number of insightful ideas on this issue. We are committed to help spur job growth, and we intend to take legislative action as quickly as possible on bipartisan solutions after our hearing.”

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